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REM-Fit Sleep 400 Mattress

A memory foam mattress that won't heat you up. Infused with cool gel and combined with pocket springs, it's the perfect nest for all shapes, sizes and sleeping positions creating the perfect rest!

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Hybrid Cooling Gel Mattress - click arrow for more information
  • 6 layers of engineered and universal comfort to enhance sleep & recovery!
  • 50mm active cooling gel memory foam regulates body temperature.
  • 20mm Mediflex memory foam provides pressure relieving comfort.
  • 140mm high Pocket springs provide a perfectly balanced tension and aid upper and lower back support.
  • 140mm high edge-to-edge support encases the mattresses layers and provides consistent support across the entire sleep surface.
  • 40mm deep core base layer creates the perfect foundation for a great night's sleep.
  • RE-AX fabric cover - thermo-regulating and 100% breathable - silky soft to touch.
  • Single sided non-turn mattress.
  • No roll-together technology - sleep peacefully all night!
  • Anti-slip base.
  • Removeable and washable mattress cover.
  • Suitable for electric adjustable beds. 
  • Mattress depth: 25cm
100 Night Trial
  • 100-night trial in your home - in partnership with the British Heart Foundation.
  • Free returns on all orders.
  • 100% full refund - no catches and completely risk free.
  • 100% of our returned mattresses are donated to the British Heart Foundation.
Free Next Day Delivery
  • Free Next day delivery to UK (with exceptions).
  • Orders must be placed before 1pm.
  • Delivery will be made the following working day.
  • Saturday delivery available - optional extra at checkout.
  • Pre-noon delivery available - optional extra at checkout.
10 Year Guarantee
  • We're so confident in the build quality of our mattress that we have included a 10-year full replacement guarantee at no extra cost - so you can sleep soundly for years to come!
Free Hybrid Cooling Pillows - worth £138!
  • Scroll down page to view the REM-Fit Hybrid pillow
  • The revolutionary REM-Fit Hybrid Microfiber Pillow WIth pocket springs delivers custom-fitted loft, providing head and neck support for proper spinal alignment
  • The pocketed spring system at the heart of the pillow features 60 buoyant springs encased in foam that respond to your weight, shape and movement
  • Like a cool breeze, compression and expansion encourages air circulation throughout the pillow
  • Soft, breathable 100% cotton pillow cover
  • Hand-crafted in Italy 



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100 night sleep trial, free return collection

It's yours for 100 nights to do as you please with it, whatever that might be! All our mattresses returned under the 100 night trial are collected by the British Heart Foundation - for FREE.

Boxed and ready
100 night sleep trial, free return collection

night sleep trial, free return collection

It's yours for 100 nights to do as you please with it, whatever that might be! All our mattresses returned under the 100 night trial are collected by the British Heart Foundation - for FREE.

Boxed and ready

Free next day delivery
Free and simple returns

10 year full replacement
guarantee at no extra cost

The rem-fit sleep 400 mattress features an anti slip surface and is designed to sleep on all base types

Divan Base

Slatted Bed Frame

Platform Top Base

Pocket Sprung Support & Cooling System

The revolutionary REM-Fit hybrid pillow contains 60 foam-encased pocket springs that respond to weight, shape, and movement for proper alignment. The springs encourage the pillow to breathe, which provides a cooler sleep temperature. Microfiber pillow fill, perfect for a variety of sleep positions and finished in a soft, breathable 100% cotton pillow cover.


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97 customer reviews

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(based on 97 reviews)
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  1. Sleeping Well Again

    Review by Stephen (Posted on October 18, 2017)

    Good quality mattress with superb support. I suffer from a bad back as well arthritis so I need a mattress which is supportive but soft at the same time, this mattress is just that, couldn't be happier - thank you!

  2. Perfect Mattress

    Review by Stacey and Neil (Posted on October 13, 2017)

    Absolutely love our Rem-Fit mattress it's incredibly comfy and without doubt keeps us cooler. Very very pleased we went ahead and ordered. When will the ZEEQ pillows be on a 100 night trial I'm seriously considering ordering one for my husband!

  3. Sleeping Longer

    Review by Jo (Posted on October 07, 2017)

    Sleeping longer and waking up refreshed. Really good back support and very comfortable. Definitely sleeping much cooler too. Fast delivery and polite delivery men.

  4. Very comfortable - firm but soft!

    Review by duncsandshaz (Posted on October 03, 2017)

    Very comfy, no roll together on our King size. Slight chemical smell to start but went away after a few weeks, was worried it would be hot but is not. Great nights sleep

  5. Great nights sleep

    Review by Mik (Posted on October 01, 2017)

    Excellent mattress, more supportive on the edge than I was expecting and no transfer of movement when one of us rolls over. Also a lot cooler than I was expecting, we had a four inch topper previously and it was unbearably hot. Very happy with our purchase after only three weeks. Also very little of the usual chemical smell you usually get from memory foam mattresses.

  6. Goodnight

    Review by Wheels (Posted on September 30, 2017)

    This mattress is superb .So comfortable everything you could want for a good nights sleep .What more is there to say GOODNIGHT

  7. Excellent Purchase

    Review by Glenn (Posted on September 30, 2017)

    I was a little wary of purchasing memory foam mattress because I tend to sleep hot and a previous experience was not suitable.
    Purchase process and delivery was both easy and prompt with the mattress being delivered as promised on time.
    Initially a lot softer than I was expecting and the 1st couple of nights gave me some back pain as I transitioned from a very hard mattress to the Remfit.
    Once this was past it is one of the most comfortable mattresses I have ever slept on and the temperature control is excellent, I am sleeping better and longer than I was previously which can only be down to the mattress
    I would highly recommend

  8. Good sleep

    Review by thomas (Posted on September 29, 2017)

    Superb. So far best nights sleep ever.

  9. best mattress ever!!

    Review by Tony Richards (Posted on September 27, 2017)

    Finally decided on a mattress after spending far too long procrastinating over the 100's available. What stood out for me with the Rem-Fit mattress was the cooling properties the mattress claimed to posses - I can confirm that the mattress does not heat up like my old memory foam one and does indeed keep you coo! It's also the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on! - best decision I've made. Good work!

  10. Highly Recommended

    Review by Kirsten (Posted on September 24, 2017)

    Liking it so far, not too soft not and too hard and you really don't feel each other moving around which is a massive bonus for me. Happily recommend.


    Review by Suzanna M (Posted on September 23, 2017)

    Incredibly comfy and very supportive for my bad back the mattress lives up to its claims! Both my husband and I used to sleep hot which was one of the main reasons we purchased this mattress, the REM-FIT mattress does a fantastic job at keeping us comfortably cool throughout the night. The free mattress protector is of very high quality and fits the mattress perfectly. The free sleep monitor is a clever gizmo - tracking my sleep patterns and improving my sleep score is surprisingly addictive! Great mattress and fantastic free gifts! I will be highly recommending REM-Fit to all those I know.

  12. Loving Our Mattress

    Review by Eleanor Jones (Posted on September 22, 2017)

    What a joy to be sleeping well again. We've been using the Rem-Fit mattress for a week now and are thrilled with our decision to purchase. Very comfy and cool just as it describes! Super fast delivery too!

  13. Very Good

    Review by Lynnyho (Posted on September 14, 2017)

    Fantastic service, next day delivery. Very comfortable mattress. The coolness for someone who suffers from night sweats like me, makes a definite difference. Very happy with our purchase. Thank you!

  14. Awesome

    Review by Narinder (Posted on September 13, 2017)

    Upgraded to the Rem Fit 400. Extremely versatile and very comfortable. I have been suffering from poor sleep for quite some time, now my sleep is so much better and feel recharged every morning. I would definitely recommend this mattress.

  15. Comfy

    Review by SallyB (Posted on September 11, 2017)

    Weird unrolling it from box. Whow what a difference now sleep so much better. Went from very firm mattress to Rem Fit mattress which is very different. Tried it at Ideal Home show and was very impressed. Would be tempted to trial the pillow if this were possible?

  16. sadly not for me

    Review by CATHERINE (Posted on September 11, 2017)

    the purchasing & delivery process was very good and the product excellent quality but I struggled to get on with it finding it too soft. The returns process is in motion and seems straightforward - it is due to be collected tomorrow by the British Heart Foundation which is a great idea and I am glad it can be put to further use. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to try it and please don't let this review put you off as everyone is different but being a lady of a certain age with a dodgy back meant it was just not right for me personally.

  17. Impressive!

    Review by Hughie G (Posted on September 10, 2017)

    Love it. Had bed for a month now and the difference it has made to both myself and my wife is impressive. Full support from head to toe but very comfortable also. Seriously wish we had invested sooner. Zz xx

  18. rem sleep 400

    Review by nswain (Posted on September 10, 2017)

    We found the matress very comfortable much nicer then our old one

  19. Not bad at all! !!!!!!

    Review by Rob (Posted on September 09, 2017)

    A little bit of daftness when we tried ordering the mattress on line but after a quick chat the following day all was sorted. I asked for the mattress to be delivered on the Friday and it turned up on the Tuesday, The delivery man phoned me to tell me he was 5mins away! !!!!! I tried to tell him I wanted it on the Friday he just went to our neighbour and put it on them . Not best impressed! The mattress is very good, it took a couple of days to get used to it and so far so good. A mattress firmness rating would be good.

  20. Happy with my mattress

    Review by Carrie (Posted on September 09, 2017)

    Happy with my mattress, though I would have liked it to be a bit firmer. Even though, Im sleeping very well. Like the height of it as it helps me rise from the bed, whereas before I needed blocks to raise bed as I have a mobility problem. Thank you.

  21. Great buy

    Review by Ann Marie (Posted on September 09, 2017)

    Delighted with all of the arrangements for quick delivery and really comfy. Would recommend.

  22. Excellent

    Review by TMC (Posted on September 09, 2017)

    This is a first class product and is very comfortable and supportive. The cooling gel memory foam top layer does exactly what it claims. I have been a back sufferer for years and have had a spinal fusion operation. I can sleep comfortably on my side without
    any discomfort. Highly recommended.

  23. No more sleep troubles

    Review by Nigel (Posted on September 09, 2017)

    For the last few years i've struggled with getting a full nights sleep. Trying most ideas on how to sleep through the night, none of them really worked. So I thought I'd give a new mattress a go. I don't buy mattresses without at least see what they felt like in the shop. But I thought I give the Sleep 400 a go. Everything I'd read was what I was looking for in a mattress and with the opportunity to send it back within 100 days if I didn't like it. It was worth a try. Plus the chance to see what my sleep pattern was like with the REM-FIT Sleep Monitor it just seemed like the way to go. After having slept on this mattress for a few months now has been brilliant. I now get a full nights sleep most nights and when I don't I was able to see where I was having issues with the Sleep Monitor App. Love this mattress no denying it has improved my sleep no end.

  24. Effective and extremely comfy

    Review by Nicole M (Posted on September 07, 2017)

    Very impressed with the cooling properties of this mattress. I was concerned that the mattress would make me feel cold when the weather gets cooler, we've had a couple of cold nights of late and I'm pleased to say that I was very comfortable all night and didn't feel overly cool in the slightest! During a few very warm nights in August, the mattress was excellent at keeping us cool and comfortable too. We love the feel of the mattress, it's incredibly comfortable and gives that amazing feeling of weightlessness, which I particularly love as I am a side sleeper and used to always wake up with an aching shoulder. Good service from start to finish REM-FIT, if only you did a trial period on your smart pillow, I would be very tempted...

  25. Game Changer

    Review by Will (Posted on September 01, 2017)

    I can honestly say that I have not slept this well in years. In fact, it's possibly the best mattress I've ever had! Just wish I had bought one sooner!! Fantastic customer service throughout and prompt delivery. Will definitely recommend.

  26. Happy Husband

    Review by Tricia Hayes (Posted on August 24, 2017)

    Thrilled with our Rem Fit mattress! It lives up to it's claim of a cool nights sleep. I'm a bit of a fidget at night and my husband has commented how little he notices that with this new mattress. On top of all of this it's extremely comfy and the sleep monitor is showing that I'm achieving an average sleep score of 96, which I think is quite good!

  27. Top Quality Mattress

    Review by Keith and Sally (Posted on August 18, 2017)

    Really pleased with the mattress so far. The big reason we purchased this one over the other mattresses we looked at was because it has genuine pocket springs and not those mini ones. Our previous mattress had those and the support was terrible, plus we always disturbed one and other when we moved in the night. The Remfit mattress feels soft on the shoulders and hips but supports the back nicely so you don't wake up feeling achy. Very pleased and unless the mattress has a sudden change in performance we will certainly be keeping it once our 100 night trial is up!

  28. Nice

    Review by John and Emily (Posted on August 10, 2017)

    What can I say, no complaints so far, we both sleep well on what is a comfy mattress, good value too.

  29. Really cosy and comfy

    Review by Lisa (Posted on August 07, 2017)

    I needed a comfortable mattress and to be honest relied on all the review's I'd looked at and the 60 day return promise if I wasn't happy with the Remit 400 mattress was the clincher. I decided to take the plunge. The delivery was as advised, very quick, no waiting weeks as some other stores I'd also looked at. I absolutely love it. The mattress is sooo comfortable and although its not the cheapest option, I'm glad I spent my hard earned £ on it as I just love getting into my bed at night and cosying up. Got free bracelet's with it too but don't really use them, would of preferred a free pillow. Lol. If your listening Remfit

  30. Really cosy and comfy

    Review by Lisa (Posted on August 07, 2017)

    I needed a comfortable mattress and to be honest relied on all the review's I'd looked at and the 100 day return promise if I wasn't happy with the Remit 400 mattress was the clincher. I decided to take the plunge. The delivery was as advised, very quick, no waiting weeks as some other stores I'd also looked at. I absolutely love it. The mattress is sooo comfortable and although its not the cheapest option, I'm glad I spent my hard earned £ on it as I just love getting into my bed at night and cosying up. Got free bracelet's with it too but don't really use them, would of preferred a free pillow. Lol. If your listening Remfit

  31. Better than the promotional spiel!

    Review by Joe P (Posted on August 06, 2017)

    Excellent service, speedy delivery and unbelievably comfortable. My granddaughter who is 9 years old sleeps on it at weekend and rates it at 12 out of 10! Probably says it all.

  32. Great night's sleep

    Review by debbie (Posted on August 06, 2017)

    This mattress is really comfortable. I thought I'd not like the memory foam but it's supportive and just the right firmness. We both sleep better now. Having paid twice more in the past for a less comfy mattress we were surprised it is so good. Good value.

  33. Fantastic!!

    Review by Kyle (Posted on August 05, 2017)

    I suffer from Fibromyalga and this mattress as really helped me start to sleeping and has made massive differences to me and my family.

  34. Quality Products

    Review by Tim Green (Posted on August 05, 2017)

    Supportive and comfy which is exactly what my back and shoulders need. I sleep on my side but my wife sleeps on her front. The mattress is suitably firm enough so she is very pleased with the mattress too. The gel infused memory foam works well, it responds like memory foam but we are yet to feel hot when in bed. The free mattress protector feels luxurious and the sleep monitor produces some very detailed analysis on my sleep. Really impressed with the mattress and the free gifts!

  35. This is the one!

    Review by Douglas K (Posted on August 04, 2017)

    Ahh yes, finally the mattress we've been looking for! We have honestly spent the best part of 12 months trialling mattresses and can definitely say that the REM-FIT mattress has ticked all our boxes, if only we had found you sooner! We don't feel each other moving about in the night and the comfort is spot on, not too hard but not too soft, just right! The cooling gel works well and is also what probably makes the mattress feel so amazing the moment you lie down. I will be telling all friends and family who need a mattress to try you guys first!

  36. Nice mattress shame about delivery

    Review by Sue Jones (Posted on August 02, 2017)

    Lovely mattress but delivery was an inconvenience. Delivery turned up the day before the scheduled date so we ended up having a mattress in our hall way for a night until our existing one could be taken away. That said we are pleased with the mattress and think the sleep monitoring is very accurate. The free protector is also of very good quality.

  37. Comfy supportive mattress

    Review by Charlie P (Posted on July 28, 2017)

    Very pleased with the REM-FIT mattress so far (1 week in). We wanted a mattress that was soft and comfortable but also supportive, this one fits our criteria perfectly. The 100 night trial was great incentive, how can you go wrong when you can sleep on it and return it if it's not what we liked. Loving the sleep monitor too, great free gift!

  38. Re energised

    Review by Sophie S (Posted on July 25, 2017)

    From start to finish the ordering process and delivery was a pleasure. Within 24 hours my new mattress was in my bedroom and boy does it feel lovely to sleep in! Just the right amount of support for my back, and the top two layers are incredibly comfortable - you really do feel like you are being cradled, it's bliss! Just saving up for the smart pillow now : )

  39. Thank you rem-fit!

    Review by Dawn (Posted on July 20, 2017)

    REM-FIT you have given me back my sleep! Thank you. No longer do I feel the tossing and turning of my husband, the anti roll function works brilliantly. Just to finish off, the mattress is incredibly comfy and we're also sleeping much cooler.

  40. At last!!!

    Review by Tilly J (Posted on July 18, 2017)

    I've been searching for a comfortable mattress for some time and have finally found it in the Rem-Fit 400.
    Only had it one week but absolutely love it, now looking for a reason to go to bed early!

  41. Quality cool gel mattress!

    Review by Adam Laine (Posted on July 12, 2017)

    More than impressed so far. The mattress is beautifully comfortable and just as described. The cooling gel layer is working well, definitely cooler than my last all foam mattress. Delivery was fast and the added gift of the sleep monitors was a nice touch, I'm slowing working on increasing my average asleep time!

  42. Comfy and cool

    Review by Stevie L (Posted on July 06, 2017)

    We haven't had the mattress that long yet, but definitely more comfortable than our old spring mattress - which was a classed as "firm". We don't feel each others movements and the mattress stays nice and cool even on warm nights - would recommend to anyone looking for a good value mattress that delivers great performance. The sleep monitor is a clever device too, fascinating to see what I get up to when sleeping!

  43. Super cool mattress!

    Review by Stavros (Posted on July 01, 2017)

    The mattress is wonderfully cooling, really made the recent hot nights bearable!

  44. Incredibly Comfortable!!

    Review by Joanne O (Posted on June 27, 2017)

    I purchased my Remfit mattress over a week ago and have to say it's probably the best mattress I've ever had!!! It is incredibly comfortable and an absolute pleasure to lie in. I'm sleeping much, much better now and no longer get odd back and neck pains. Super product and brand. 5 stars all day!

  45. Fantastic Mattress

    Review by Olivia (Posted on June 20, 2017)

    Loving our new REM-Fit mattress and very relieved we went ahead with the purchase just before the nights got very warm! I will be recommending to all my friends and family - thank you!

  46. Realy enjoying our rem-fit mattress

    Review by Warren L (Posted on June 15, 2017)

    Overall I'm very impressed with the mattress. The two main concerns we had when looking for a mattress was 1. find a mattress that doesn't make you sweat through the night and 2. find a mattress that combats partner disturbance. Our last, all foam mattress, used to get very warm and we could always feel one another moving around. The REM-FIT mattress caught our eye with it's strong cooling gel claims and because the mattress uses proper pocket springs. I'm delighted in the performance of the cooling gel, the last few nights have been very warm and we have both stayed much cooler than we would have in our previous mattress. We've found the pocket springs to be extremely effective plus they also provide decent support for my back. The 100 night trial is a bonus but I think it's safe to say we'll be keeping hold of our REM-FIT mattress.

  47. A Quality Mattress and Good Service

    Review by Debbie G (Posted on June 12, 2017)

    I came across Rem-fit after a bad experience elsewhere and I'm happy I gave them a shot. Their mattress is very comfortable and top value for money (I got a king size). It's quite a bit less than my first choice and I found it to be much better all round. The quality of the cover is fantastic but more importantly, the support is SPOT ON, across the whole surface. On top of that, the Remfit mattress does as promised in terms of keeping you cool. I've had good and bad experiences with memory foam in the past and decided to give it another go as the mattress comes with a trial. All in all I'm very pleased with the results. I'm sleeping better and feeling better because of it. I've tried many mattresses in the past and have to say that Remfit does not disappoint. They have been a pleasure to deal with, offering top customer support throughout. I will make sure to sing your praises and recommend to all my friends.

  48. We Love It!

    Review by Dianne R (Posted on June 07, 2017)

    From the point of committing our order to the moment it arrived, we have been very impressed with the service and the performance of the mattress. We both suffer greatly from night sweats so a cool mattress was our number 1 priority when considering to replace our 15 year old Sleepeezee mattress. The REM-Fit mattress offers good support and is deliciously comfortable, and more importantly the cooling gel works excellently at do just that, keeping you cool. Fantastic mattress at a good price and very quick delivery. Thank you!

  49. Very good

    Review by Ewan Parker (Posted on June 01, 2017)

    It's a great mattress for anyone looking for medium but supportive feel. I sleep on my side and my wife sleeps on her front and we both find it incredibly comfy. We've had no issues with getting warm in the night the so cool gel is obviously doing it's thing. Great mattress!

  50. Impressed

    Review by Kelly Y (Posted on May 26, 2017)

    We've been sleeping in the Rem-fit mattress for the last three nights and although each night has been very warm, we can genuinely say we didn't feel hot in bed, very impressive indeed! Really comfortable too. We will be recommending to friends and family!

  51. More than happy

    Review by Alan H (Posted on May 23, 2017)

    I sleep on my my side and I love it, my wife sleeps on her front and loves it too! We're both more than happy with the purchase and won't be sending it back after 30 days. The free wrist trackers were a great free gift too!

  52. Superb Mattress

    Review by Christoph M (Posted on May 22, 2017)

    Amazing!! Can't thank you enough rem-fit, this mattress is a god send! No longer do I wake in the morning, aching from brutal shoulder compression. Exactly what I was hoping for from a gel top mattress. The cooling ability appears to be working well too, the nights are starting to get warmer, but I'm definitely not feeling hot whilst I sleep. We will be back for the smart pillow as soon as we can afford it, looks superb too!

  53. Oh sooo coool

    Review by Linda D (Posted on May 15, 2017)

    Save to say we will not be sending the mattress back as we love it! Our number one concern was choosing a mattress that keeps you cool and the Rem-Fit mattress really does work at preventing you from getting too hot. It's incredibly comfy too, getting up and out of bed in the morning is now doubly hard though, but we'll survive ; )

  54. Comfortable and good service

    Review by Steve (Posted on May 10, 2017)

    Comfortable mattress we are delighted with it! Easy ordering and delivery was very fast - great service!

  55. Mattress Heaven

    Review by Louise S (Posted on May 02, 2017)

    The mattress is soooo comfy!! I've been researching and researching for a cool gel memory foam mattress like this for months and I'm over the moon with my decision. My last mattress was good at keeping me cool but I used to wake through the night having to change position in order to stay comfy. The memory foam gel layer in this mattress is heavenly soft, you really do feel like you are floating! It's very clever because the overall feeling of the mattress is probably medium - firm, my back definitely feels supported. I can only assume that the pocket springs are very firm as the top layer is incredibly comfy. The wrist trackers were a great free gift and the app works well - extremely pleased!

  56. Very good mattress!

    Review by Claire A (Posted on April 28, 2017)

    Really pleased with our REMFIT mattress so far. It's a massive step up from our last mattress which was supposed to be good at keeping you cool, but did quite the opposite! This one actually does keep you cool, AND...it's unbelievably comfy too. My advice is to try it out, what have you got to lose when you can trial it for 60 nights!!

  57. very comfy

    Review by Jasmine P (Posted on April 26, 2017)

    Very comfy and delivery was quick and easy. According to the sleep monitor, on my first night of use, I achieved a sleep score of 95 out of 100!

  58. Good mattress

    Review by Kevin V (Posted on April 18, 2017)

    Asides from the delivery hiccup we are very pleased with our purchase. The mattress is living up to the websites claims and myself and my wife are sleeping much better.

  59. It works!

    Review by Rachel L (Posted on April 13, 2017)

    So much cooler than my old my memory foam mattress! The tension is amazing too, really comfy but still supportive - thank you for giving me my sleep back!

  60. Very happy and very impressed!!

    Review by Joshua T (Posted on April 06, 2017)

    The mattress is absolutely fantastic, I'm really impressed with the quality and comfort for the price. The monitoring technology is very interesting too, its helping me get more quality sleep and feeling much better in the mornings. All in all, I've had an excellent experience from start to finish with Remfit and cannot recommend them enough!

  61. Splendid experience

    Review by Kenneth Gibson (Posted on March 26, 2017)

    I'm very impressed with the service. This company has really gone the extra mile for me and I'm very grateful for that. I love my new mattress and the technology side of it is really interesting and unique. I think it's already improved my sleep. I the customer service team are absolute stars and deserve bonuses!! :D

  62. 5 Stars

    Review by Paul M (Posted on March 20, 2017)

    I've been looking online for a while and couldn't decide between Remfit and a similar brand. So I spoke to both companies online and have to say that the person at Remfit was much more knowledgeable and helpful (can't remember her name sorry). This really helped me make up my mind and order, and I'm so pleased I did! The mattress is fantastic and ticks all the right boxes for me in the comfort department. Really pleased with the quick delivery too and the fact it comes with a sleep trial, 5 stars from me :))

  63. It's good!

    Review by Donna T (Posted on March 15, 2017)

    We decided to buy a Rem-fit mattress because of the 60 night trial and it's claims to keep you cool. The fact that they offer a trial period goes to show how confident they are about their product. Needless to say, we're very pleased with the overall shopping experience and the mattress is just so comfy! The cool gel memory foam works brilliantly and feels much much cooler than our old pure foam mattress. Highly recommend - keep up the good work guys!

  64. Oustanding Service

    Review by Carole Peterson (Posted on March 14, 2017)

    We ordered the mattress in the morning and had it delivered the very next day, as promised. So far we're really pleased with the quality, it's definitely surpassed our expectations. Really comfortable and supportive mattress, we had a great night's sleep and looking forward to many more! Very happy with the service and with price paid too. Well done guys, will recommend!

  65. Coooool mattress

    Review by Sheena A (Posted on March 10, 2017)

    Loving the mattress so far! It's a hundred times better than my old foam one, definitely feel cooler at night. Time to start saving for one of those smart pillows now : )

  66. Fantastic

    Review by Charlotte (Posted on March 07, 2017)

    Fantastic mattress, I love my REM-FIT, it's a godsend : - )

  67. Sleeping Happy : )

    Review by Maria B (Posted on March 05, 2017)

    So happy we made the purchase, It's a pleasure once more having to go to bed and to wake up feeling truly rested! We both suffered with pressure build up on our shoulders and would regularly have to move from one side to the other throughout the night. We more or less sleep right the way through on the rem-fit mattress, which feels amazing, after having years of inadequate sleep! Very fast delivery too!

  68. Not for me

    Review by Abbey M (Posted on March 03, 2017)

    We're used to very firm mattresses so this one didn't work for us. Very good service and excellent to know that the 60 night trial works though!

  69. Spot On

    Review by Jacki (Posted on March 02, 2017)

    Just wanted to say how pleased I am with my new mattress. It's just the right firmness and super comfortable. I had the best night sleep I've had in ages! Also, really happy with the service. We were kept informed and it came bang on time. Thanks for a great service and for a fantastic nights sleep.


    Review by Sadie M (Posted on February 28, 2017)

    Three words - love love love! Wow you've knocked it right out of the park here. This is without any hesitation or doubt the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, and being an air hostess for over 15 years I have slept on many quality mattresses around the world. Buy with complete confidence, you'll be pleased you did!

  71. Quality mattress and sleep monitor

    Review by Stefan (Posted on February 23, 2017)

    Sublimely comfortable and looks great too, it's a shame we have to cover it up! Tracking my sleep and nighttime activity is intriguing, it's awesome how it can detect your breathing and heart rate all from under the bed sheet, very clever! Really impressed with this brand and it's products - keep it going!!

  72. Feels Great!

    Review by Claude M (Posted on February 19, 2017)

    The first night was amazing, so comfortable! Thanks.

  73. Impressive mattress

    Review by Kayleigh V (Posted on February 15, 2017)

    Unboxing and unrolling the mattress was a novel experience, never have I seen anything of that size expand so quickly!! When on top, the mattress feels supportive and gently moulds to your body's position. The cool gel memory foam works well too, I don't feel hot and sweaty like I used to in my old memory foam mattress... which by the way was considerably more money. Really Impressed with the mattress!

  74. I now own a hybrid mattress

    Review by Karl Reeves (Posted on February 15, 2017)

    Easy ordering. Easy delivery. Mattress feels great too!

  75. Cool & comfortable

    Review by Liam P (Posted on February 14, 2017)

    Happy with the purchase and the mattress feels very comfy.

  76. 2 fussy but now happy sleepers!!

    Review by Tracey N (Posted on February 13, 2017)

    We went store to store looking for the mattress to fit our needs. My boyfriend likes a firmer mattress where as I prefer a softer mattress. We happened to find the REM-FIT website by chance but liked the sound of the universal comfort plus liked the idea of tracking our sleep. The 60 night trial was the clincher and I'm pleased to say we are more than happy with the mattress and our purchase. The sleep monitor works well and looks very high tech in position with it's little green light on. Hurry up with the the zeeq pillow now so I can stop him snoring!!

  77. Cool mattress

    Review by Nic (Posted on February 13, 2017)

    Feels soft when you sit on the edge but as soon as you lay down, it has just the right firmness - feels lovely. I sleep much cooler in it compared to my old latex mattress too.

  78. Love it!!!!!

    Review by Abel I (Posted on February 12, 2017)

    We use our Rem-Fit mattress on our ottoman slatted bedsteads - works a treat with the anti slip base! This is only the second mattress we have ever brought and the first one was pretty cheap so the bench mark was very low. That said, this mattress really is sooo nice and comfy you will struggle to get up for work in the mornings. I have recommended to all my friends and family.

  79. Soft but supportive

    Review by Agata A (Posted on February 11, 2017)

    Highly recommend.

  80. Top service and lovely mattress

    Review by Michelle Wallace (Posted on February 09, 2017)

    Had to send the first one back as it had a mark on the side of the mattress. The mattress was collected and redelivered swiftly - very good after service! The mattress itself is superbly comfy and we are now getting excellent Zzzz. Keep up the good work REM-Fit!

  81. Sleeping much cooler

    Review by Janice C (Posted on February 09, 2017)

    Needed a new mattress because I was overheating every night in my pure memory foam mattress. I'm not sure if it's because this mattress uses springs which allows more air to flow or because the cooling gel really is as good as it claims, but whatever the reason I am now sleeping loads cooler. It's a very comfy mattress too and I like the fact I can track my sleep patterns, this is a great addition! Top delivery service, I ordered at 11am the morning before and delivery was with me at 9am the day after, that's incredible service!!

  82. Best mattress we've ever slept on!!

    Review by Joel G (Posted on February 08, 2017)

    Feels better than a 5 star hotel mattress. Seriously comfy, I can not stress this enough. It's hard getting out of bed in the morning but that's something I'm willing to live with. With a 60 night trial what can go wrong!n

  83. Great mattress

    Review by David M (Posted on February 07, 2017)

    Superb mattress at a decent price. I looked around the internet for a while comparing a lot of mattresses and I'll be honest, I actually purchased two of the other mattress brands offering sleep trials ahead of the REM-FIT mattress but didn't get along with either. For me the REM-FIT mattress does a better job at moulding round your body and also feels like it supports my back better, not to mention it looks far better quality than the other two I bought. They both were double folded and looked nothing like as good quality as they did on their website. If you want a mattress that accurately moulds to your body whilst providing a medium support then I recommend the REM-FIT mattress. Good service as well - looking forward to the smart pillow becoming available!!

  84. Excellent and top service

    Review by Neil A (Posted on February 07, 2017)

    Firstly, the mattress is all it claims to be. Very soft on top, moulding to your body. I don't get the feeling of sinking all the way through the mattress, I'm assuming this is the pocket springs that prevent this and give the support needed for your back. Lastly, it does a good job at keeping you cool, it's February right now I know but my last hybrid mattress used to get my hotter. The delivery service was fantastic and thank you Paul in customer service for changing the delivery date for me and following my slightly complicated instructions - give the man a raise!

  85. She's a keeper

    Review by Roger Leeman (Posted on February 05, 2017)

    I was impressed with the websites claims - as the mattress has a risk free 60 night sleep trial I decided to go ahead and make the purchase. One week in and I think it's safe to say... she's a keeper, very happy indeed!

  86. Double size REM-FIT

    Review by Stanley D (Posted on February 05, 2017)

    Really good mattress. We made the purchase based on the cooling element of the mattress.we had a memory foam mattress before and like the feel it gives you.This was the first time we had tried a springs and foams mattress and can say it feels brilliant.My wife uses the sleep monitor and says it good to.

  87. Keep up the good work!

    Review by Sue (Posted on February 03, 2017)

    Highly recommend, very comfortable, good service.

  88. 5 Star!

    Review by Ben (Posted on February 02, 2017)

    Since we received our new mattress we have struggled to get out of bed every morning, it's so darn comfy! Genuinely though, this is a top quality mattress, not only does it look awesome, it also provides awesome sleep. Love the sleep monitor too, this is also a very neat product, really insightful sleep data that has definitely made me consider my nighttime and sleep routines. 5 Star!

  89. Thrilled with the new mattress

    Review by Stacey O (Posted on February 02, 2017)

    Thank you thank you thank you - my sleep has transformed since receiving the rem-fit mattress!! My last memory foam mattress used to always get me hot and bothered, not to mention the support was rubbish too. This mattress is exquisitely soft around your bony bits but also really supportive, so you don't just sink in, hard to explain really. My advice is give it a try and you won't be disappointed, if you are... then send it back on the free trial.

  90. Very Impressed

    Review by Mike Barrett (Posted on February 02, 2017)

    Love it . Comfy and great nights sleep. Monitor is very clever too!

  91. Buy with confidence!

    Review by Nancy D (Posted on January 29, 2017)

    Quality mattress! From the moment we unrolled it and watched it expand, you could just tell that this was no ordinary mattress. It reminds me of a sport brand, not a mattress brand. It has a very clever way of enveloping your body shape the second you lie flat. If my husband fidgets and moves in the night, unless he actually nudges me or pulls on the duvet, I can genuinely say I do not feel his movements... seriously effective spring system and something you won't get with mini springs, trust me we've already sent one of those back! The sleep monitor is not my type of thing but my daughter has given it's approval. Overall we are delighted with the REM-FIT mattress and I have been sharing the refer a friend discount code with all my friends!

  92. Love my new mattress!!

    Review by Kathy G (Posted on January 22, 2017)

    Recently purchased the King Size Rem-fit mattress with the bed sheet 300 pluS the tracker device. Can't tell you how impressed I am with the mattress. I used to regularly wake up hot and with a sore achy shoulder, since having the Rem-fit mattress my sleep has dramatically improved and I now wake up feeling like I've slept all night! I will be purchasing two more for my kids once I can afford it. I also purchased the wrist tracker which seemed extremely good value when comparing to other well known wrist tracker brands, works fine. Thank you Rem-fit!!

  93. Nice comfortable mattress

    Review by Stuart K (Posted on January 18, 2017)

    Good mattress and does a good job at combating heat. My wife loves it probably a bit more than me... I prefer quite a fIrm mattresses so for that reason I have to give it a 4 star, as it's probably more of a medium. Delivery was on time and the drivers were very courteous.

  94. Best sleep ever!

    Review by D Royale (Posted on January 12, 2017)

    Our old mattress was uncomfortable so we decided to buy a REM-Fit.....best nights sleep ever.....it is so comfortable, couldn't recommend it enough!

  95. Love our new sprung mattress

    Review by Robert (Posted on January 04, 2017)

    We love our new mattress so much more comfortable than our last all foam mattress.

  96. Really pleased, very comfy

    Review by Julian C (Posted on January 03, 2017)

    I've been in the market for a decent mattress for a while now and decided to jump in with the REM-FIT sleep 400 mattress after trying lots out in various mattress shops - I just couldn't find one that felt right. The 60 night trial is a huge bonus, what's to worry about? I've been sleeping on the REM-FIT for over three weeks now and can safely say I won't be sending it back. I am very happy as is my partner with this purchase, I give it 5 stars all the way. The only thing I might say is that the mattress does smell quite strong after opening it, the smell was completely gone within a week and barely noticeable after the second night, so not a big deal at all. We also really like the sleep monitor and regularly compete on who had the best night sleep, it's somewhat addictive trying to better your average sleep score and actually very interesting to see what you're doing in you're sleep.

  97. Amazing mattress

    Review by Tim G (Posted on January 03, 2017)

    We love this mattress, it's so comfy and relaxing and the sleep monitor is very informative and easy to use with my Android phone

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